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Customer Feedback

Astor Windows collects customer feedback upon completing projects. On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest and best rating and 1 being the lowest, we ask our clients how they rate their experience with us after their impact windows have been installed and the project has been completed.

Survey Legend:
5 - highest score
1 - lowest score

Main Questions:

Client Name Satisfaction Professionalism Workmanship City
Ray D. City of Miami Beach
Robert C. Miami-Dade County
Ian B. City of Miami
Peter L. Miami-Dade County
Ana M. Village of Pinecrest
Washington Center Condos. City of Miami Beach
Yaniris E. City of South Miami
Peggy G. Miami-Dade County
Vivian M. Town of Miami Lakes
Douglas F. Miami-Dade County
Jose R. City of Coral Gables
Steven B. City of Coral Gables
Claudia M. Miami-Dade County
James N. Miami-Dade County
Valtena B. City of South Miami
Eddy R. Miami-Dade County
Gonzalo P. Miami Shores Village
David O. City of Miami Springs
Gary K. Village of Pinecrest
Roberto C. City of North Bay Village
Rudy S. Miami-Dade County
Guillermo E. City of Miami
Fanny D. City of Coral Gables
Rita S. Miami-Dade County
Steve S. City of Coral Gables
Kathy C. Miami-Dade County
Julia F. City of Coral Gables
Iris M. Miami-Dade County
Francois P. Village of Pinecrest
Sergio M. City of Doral
Niccolo G. Miami-Dade County
Jason D. Town of Miami Lakes
Will J. Miami-Dade County
Laura G. Miami-Dade County
Massimo O. Town of Cutler Bay
Serge M. City of Coral Gables
Giovanni T. City of Miami Beach
Lourdes R. Miami-Dade County
Global Rental City of Doral
Carolyn C. City of Miami
Simon R. City of Miami
Michael M. City of Coral Gables
Greg B. City of Miami
Jorge G. Miami-Dade County
Leo R. City of Coral Gables
Fernando P. City of Doral
Melody R. City of Coral Gables
Feng Shui Style LLC Town of Bay Harbour Islands
Marielba D. City of Coral Gables
Gustavo A. Village of Pinecrest
Cesar B. City of Miami Beach
Massimo O. Miami-Dade County
Jonathan F. City of Miami
Carolina G. Village of Pinecrest
Rudy S. City of Miami
Gang Z. City of Miami
Andres C. Village of Palmetto Bay
Richard F. Miami-Dade County
Ivan L. Miami-Dade County
Douglas D. City of Hollywood
Frank A. Miami-Dade County
Jean P. Village of Pinecrest
Susan L. City of Coral Gables
Joseph P. City of Miami Beach
Howard S. Miami-Dade County
Susan L. City of Miami Beach
Norma R. Miami-Dade County
Rafael G. Miami-Dade County
Nicolas R. City of Coral Gables
Albert M. Miami-Dade County
Sandra R. Miami-Dade County
Coni K. City of South Miami
April M. Miami-Dade County
Florence S. Village of Pinecrest
Ileana P. City of Miami Springs
Bernardo F. Miami-Dade County
Carlos C. Miami-Dade County
Napoleon S. Miami-Dade County
Sharon D. Miami-Dade County
Melissa O. Village of Pinecrest
Clifton H. Village of Biscayne Park
Kevin T. Miami-Dade County
Carlos S. City of Coral Gables
Keslie G. Miami-Dade County
Joseph R. City of North Bay Village
Teresita S. City of Coral Gables
Carl H. Town of Surfside
Steve Fi. Miami-Dade County
Tim N. City of Coral Gables
Lupe C. Miami-Dade County
John C. Miami-Dade County
Nelly M. Miami-Dade County
Edison C. Miami-Dade County
Diana R. Miami-Dade County
Alix S. Village of Pinecrest
Maureen F. Miami-Dade County
Lubek Investment Corp. City of Miami Beach
Mary K. Village of Palmetto Bay
Kevin R. Miami-Dade County
Michael L. Miami-Dade County
Gary K. Village of Pinecrest
Andrea D. Village of Palmetto Bay
Ana M. Miami-Dade County
Johnny H. Miami-Dade County
Dan B. Miami-Dade County
Victoria F. City of Miami Beach
Lourdes A. City of Miami
Jeff B. City of Coral Gables
Pierre-Jean P. City of South Miami
Maritza D. City of Coral Gables
Maria D. Miami-Dade County
Michael B. Town of Miami Lakes
Ester A. Miami-Dade County
Jaime R. City of Miami
Richard P. City of Miami
Ivonne A. Miami-Dade County
Sybil L. City of Coral Gables
Fabio I. City of Miami
Alvaro N. Miami-Dade County
Stephen M. Miami Shores Village
Florencia M. Village of Key Biscayne
Walter C. Village of Pinecrest
Jiao H. Village of Palmetto Bay
Marzia P. Miami Shores Village
Marisela C. City of South Miami
Alex P. Miami-Dade County
Evaristo M. City of Coral Gables
Antonia C. City of Miami
Delia G. Miami-Dade County
Global Rental E&P. City of Doral
Manuel F. Miami-Dade County
Thoburn D. City of Coral Gables
Bill S. Miami-Dade County
Thomas G. Miami-Dade County
Ilios Holdings LLC Village of Palmetto Bay
Jennifer J. Miami-Dade County
Alex S. Miami-Dade County
Alex N. Miami-Dade County
Dawn T. City of North Miami
Leana C. Town of Cutler Bay
Monroe P. Town of Miami Lakes
Stephen B. City of Coral Gables
John B. Miami-Dade County
Maria M. City of Coral Gables
Raul C. City of Coral Gables
Ron B. Village of Pinecrest
Oscar I. Miami-Dade County
Damaris S. Village of Palmetto Bay
Jorge P. Miami-Dade County
Maxine L. City of Coral Gables
Richard S. City of Coral Gables
Matt A. City of Miami
Biltmore Hotel City of Coral Gables
Mark B. Miami Shores Village
Marie G. Miami-Dade County
Joe W. City of Pompano Beach
Chiruey C. Miami-Dade County
Sarah C. Miami-Dade County
Carlos C. Miami-Dade County
Manuel P. City of Miami Beach
Ana B. City of Coral Gables
Karen K. Miami-Dade County
Beatriz M. City of Coral Gables
Marc D. Town of Cutler Bay
Paul K. City of Miami Beach
XLC Group Miami Shores Village
Marbella Tower City of Sunny Isles
Daniel Q. Miami-Dade County
Andy F. City of Coral Gables
Ronald A. Miami-Dade County
Juan V. Miami-Dade County
Alvaro B. Miami-Dade County
David H. Miami Shores Village
Luis E. Village of Biscayne
John S. City of Miami Spring
Ben J. City of Miami
Gene K. City of Coral Gables
Brandon S. City of Miami Beach
Betty S. Village of Palmetto Bay
Mo V. Miami-Dade County
Luis G. Miami-Dade County
Tie S. City of Coral Gables
Heloiza C. City of Miami Beach

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